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This article will give you a short introduction to how you can review deviations for your sales reps.

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  1. View controls

To get access to deviations registered on your sales reps you have to make sure you a) have Sales Leader access enabled for your user, and b) have team access to one or several teams in SalesScreen.

Click on Administration - Quality Control to view controls that are ready for review.

This will list all controls that contain users that are part of the teams you have access to. The controls show up here when a controller marks it as ready for sales leader.

2. Go through deviations

If you click one of the elements in the list, you are presented with the deviations registered for your sales reps within this control.

Here you can go through the details of the sale the controller has added a deviation to. The Points Adjustment column will show how many points the controller has suggested to add or remove from the sales rep - negative values will indicate a deduction, positive values indicates an addition of points. 

The Controller Comment column shows what the controller wrote down when adding the deviation, and should be an explanation to the deviation.  

Status can show four different scenarios:

  1. Green checkbox: The deviation is marked as complete and ready for points adjustment.

  2. Red cross: The deviation is canceled and no points will be adjusted.

  3. Yellow dots: The case is still pending, and no final decision is made.

  4. Red triangle: There is a dispute and the deviation will be sent to a leader for resolving and final decisions.

Agreed can show three different scenarios:

  1. Sales leader has agreed to the deviation

  2. Sales leader still hasn't responded to the deviation

  3. Sales leader disagrees with the deviation

3. Responding to a deviation

If you click one of the deviations in the list you are presented with a popup. This will let you respond to the deviation. Select the relevant option in the dropdown menu under Approve, write an optional comment and click Save. If you agree with the deviation it is automatically marked as ready for points adjusment and points will be adjusted as soon as the controllers mark the
control as finished.

If you disagree the deviation will be marked as a dispute and a leader will be contacted to make a final decision.

4. Notify the controller that the review is finished

When you are finished reviewing the deviations in the control you can send an email to the controller, saying that you finished reviewing the deviations. This email will also be sent to yourself.

To do this, press the Send e-mail to controller button in the upper right corner when you are inside the control.

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