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How can I add/remove slides to/from a playlist
How can I add/remove slides to/from a playlist

Add a slide to a playlist to make it part of a collection which can be assigned to one or several screens.

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Required User Privileges: Company Admin / Screen Admin

The first step is to click on Manage at the bottom left corner of SalesScreen.

A menu will pop up, where you can proceed to click on Screens under the Company headline:

Make sure you are located at the Playlists tab.

Once on the Playlists management page, look at the left side section and click on the name of the playlist to which you'd like to add your slide:

When you have selected a playlist you will see the slides currently active in the playlist in the middle section, and in the right section you will see available slides you can add to the playlist.

Simply click a red cross on an active slide to remove it from the playlist, or the green plus icon on an available slide to add it to the playlist.

You can find both active- and available slides with help from the respective search fiedls available in each of the columns.

Reordering slidesIf you want to adjust the order of slides in a playlist, start by clicking the Reorder slides icon.

You can now drag and drop slides within the list of active slides to reorder them. Remember to press Save changes when finished.

When you are finished changing the slide setup in your playlist, simply press the playlist reload icon to reload all screens that are currently displaying the playlist.

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