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How do I activate the SalesScreen TV app?
How do I activate the SalesScreen TV app?

Connect your SalesScreen TV client with a specific screen in your company to show its content.

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When executing the SalesScreen TV app for the first time, or after it's received a bigger update, you'll have to activate the screen. This means connecting it to a specific screen in your SalesScreen account.

Every SalesScreen TV client will generate its own unique code that can be connected to a screen (one-to-one mapping).

How do I do it?

The first thing you have to do is sign in to SalesScreen as an administrator on a computer.

1. Go to Administrate > Screens. Or navigate to the following link:

2. Make sure that you're on the Screens tab and that a list of all your screens is
presented below.

3. Find and click on the screen you want to activate. A side menu will pop up on the right side of the dashboard. Click on Connect this Screen. NOTE: If the menu only presents a red button with the text Disconnect this screen, click on this first.

4. Proceed to click on Continue with the SalesScreen TV app. You will be presented with a text field where you can input the four digit (alphanumerical) code that is shown on the TV screen. Upon activation, the TV screen will show the slideshow of the screen you chose on the dashboard.

What if you're presented with Could not connect screen? This means that the wrong activation code was inputted, or that the code is expired (they only last 1 hour). Take a look at the TV screen again and make sure you're inputting the correct code. If you're still not successfull, restart the Chromebox or the SalesScreen TV app.

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