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How do I create a mobile widget?
How do I create a mobile widget?

Create a new mobile widget to visualize important data in the mobile application

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A mobile widget will let you present important data in the mobile application.

To create a new mobile widget you first need to access the Dashboard area of SalesScreen. Find it by clicking the Dashboard link located on the left side menu. 

Once you are in the Dashboard area, click the Manage Boards link.

image.png (1886×703)

Continue by clicking the mobile icon in the top.

You are now presented with all available boards in your company, if you have any.

Click the +-button on the board you want to put a widget on.

Choose between one of our predefined widgets, or configure all parts of the widget yourself. 

Our widgets come in two different main designs - KPIs and Toplists. Choose KPI if you want to display a single number, budget progression or similar for a combined set of entities. Choose toplist if you want to compare the results of different users, teams, departments, products or something else in a leader board. 

KPI budget progression widget:

Budget toplist: 

Next, ask yourself what you  want the widget calculations to be based on. Do you want to display the average sales value? The quota progression? Or just the number of sales? Choose the correct function for your wishes.

From here on, you get to specify exactly what users, teams, departments or other entities the widget should take into account. The one thing that separates mobile widgets from other widgets and slides, is the default filter setting:

The defualt filter for each widget will determine who the widget will show numbers for on the initial load of the mobile widget board. 

The options for default filter are: 

Based on widget settings: The widget will show the same for everyone, based on what kind of entities you filter out in this wizard. Should this widget show numbers for one specific product or just a subset of users, regardless of who loads the board/widget? Choose this option.

The user: This option is valuable if you want to create a widget for e.g. personal results or personal budget progression. If you configure the widget with this option, user A will get numbers for user A when he/she loads the widget, and user B will get results for user B when he/she loads the widget. 

User's team: Similar to The user, but choose this one if you want numbers to be displayed for the team as a whole.

User's department: Similar to The user, but choose this one if you want numbers to be displayed for the department as a whole.

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