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How do I synchronize Salesforce and SalesScreen user accounts?
How do I synchronize Salesforce and SalesScreen user accounts?

Synchronize Salesforce and SalesScreen user accounts in order to visualize users' Salesforce activities in SalesScreen.

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After having initialized the integration with Salesforce, admin users can decide how to synchronize Salesforce user accounts with SalesScreen user accounts.
This synchronization allows users to create/update/delete data (Opportunities, Tasks, Events etc.) in Salesforce and see the same operations be carried out automatically on the corresponding sale activity reports in SalesScreen. It also allows users to navigate to the SalesScreen tab located on the Salesforce platform, where they can view the SalesScreen company feed as well as find shortcuts to features located on the SalesScreen platform.
There are four approaches to synchronizing Salesforce user accounts with SalesScreen user accounts.

  • The recommended on-demand approach is to simply pick and choose the Salesforce users you want to create SalesScreen accounts for. With a click of a button, SalesScreen will take care of the mapping process and you're good to go! Learn more about this approach here.

  • The manual and default approach lets you have full control over which users in your organization should be granted SalesScreen accounts. You will explicitly have to create user accounts in SalesScreen and map them to the corresponding Salesforce user accounts. Learn about this approach here.

  • The automatic approach involves enabling the Automatically sync users setting. Users who manage relevant data in Salesforce will automatically have an account created for them in SalesScreen, as their data comes in. Learn about this approach here.

  • The fourth approach is to have SalesScreen create user accounts for all active user accounts that exists in your Salesforce organization. This option is useful when you want every single user in your Salesforce organization to be granted a corresponding user account in SalesScreen - immediately. This can be done by sending a request to SalesScreen via [email protected] or via our customer support live chat, found in the bottom right corner of

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