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How do I Synchronize Salesforce Users Manually?
How do I Synchronize Salesforce Users Manually?

Synchronize users manually in order to visualize their Salesforce activities in SalesScreen.

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Note: You need admin privileges in both SalesScreen and Salesforce to carry out this approach.

The manual approach of synchronizing users from Salesforce to SalesScreen is also the default approach. This gives you full control over which users in your organization should be granted SalesScreen accounts. You will explicitly have to create user accounts in SalesScreen and map them to the corresponding Salesforce user accounts.

Note that this procedure requires a few "manual" steps to be carried out every time you want to synchronize a Salesforce user account with a SalesScreen user account.

Step 1 — Make sure correct setting is enabled (Optional)

We recommend that you follow this step if you want to make sure that you'll always have full control over which Salesforce users get synchronized to SalesScreen. Otherwise, skip to Step 2.

Navigate to the Salesforce integration dashboard, as seen in the images below, where your integration with Salesforce should already be initialized. If not, follow the 3-step process to initialize the integration.

Manage > Settings > Integrations > Manage Salesforce

In the Salesforce integration management dashboard, the Automatically sync users setting should be disabled - as seen in the following image. 

Step 2 — Find the Salesforce user ID

In Salesforce, navigate to the Reports tab, also found under the App Launcher menu.

Click on New Report and choose Users, under Administrative Reports, as the Report Type. Click Create.

As a result, a table of all users in your organization will be presented. Notice that there's a list of fields in the left menu.  Under User Information, click on User ID. Drag and drop this field onto the table of users.

As a result, a new column containing every user's ID is added to the table.

Find and note the User ID value of the user(s) you want synchronized with SalesScreen. This value is important for Step 4.

Step 3 — Create a new SalesScreen user


  • If the user account already exists in SalesScreen, skip to Step 4.

  • A user's data that he/she logs in Salesforce will not show up in SalesScreen, unless the corresponding SalesScreen user has been placed on a Team

Follow these directions on how to create a new user account in SalesScreen.

Step 4 — Map SalesScreen and Salesforce user accounts

Follow these directions to map the SalesScreen user to the Salesforce user.

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