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How do I pick CRM users to create SalesScreen accounts for?
How do I pick CRM users to create SalesScreen accounts for?

Choose the CRM users you want to create accounts and visualize data for in SalesScreen - we do the rest.

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  • You need admin privileges in SalesScreen to carry out this approach.

  • This approach will not work for all CRM integrations.


The only prerequisite is that you've already set up the integration between your CRM and SalesScreen orgs.

Example — Salesforce integration

We'll show the process through an example, where the SalesScreen company is integrated with Salesforce. 

Step 1 — Navigate to integration dashboard

Navigate to the CRM integration dashboard — in this case, Salesforce. 

Manage > Settings > Integrations > Manage Salesforce

Step 2 — List CRM users

In the Salesforce integration management dashboard, click Import from Salesforce — as seen in the following image. 

Proceed to click Retrieve Users in the popup window that appears.

Users from the Salesforce CRM organization that haven't already been granted a SalesScreen account will be presented in a list.

Step 3 — Add users

Check the CRM users that you want to create user accounts for in SalesScreen.

When you're done picking users, click Add User(s).

SalesScreen user accounts will then be created for the selected Salesforce users. These user accounts are mapped to their corresponding Salesforce accounts, thus activites that are carried out in Salesforce are reflected on the corresponding user in SalesScreen.

Don't forget to add the newly created users to Team(s) in SalesScreen
. Tutorial is found here.

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