How do I handle missing data?

Take the necessary actions to retrieve Salesforce data that has yet to show up in SalesScreen.

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  • You need admin privileges in both SalesScreen and Salesforce to carry out these approaches.

  • You need to have one or more Subintegrations up and running.

At one time or another you might experience that SalesScreen hasn't received all the relevant data from Salesforce, even though you just created that new Opportunity or just completed that Task - or some other activity that a subintegration should help retrieve and present in SalesScreen.

This can happen when a glitch in the otherwise robust connection between Salesforce and SalesScreen occurs.

Here' a little checklist to go through if said scenario happens. Should it not resolve your problem, please contact us via the Customer Support chat in the bottom right corner.

Item 1 — Make Salesforce re-send it

First and foremost, let's make sure that Salesforce actually sent the data to SalesScreen in the first place.

Find the activity (e.g., Opportunity/Task/etc.) in Salesforce and click Edit. Simply proceed to click Save and that's it. If an active subintegration in SalesScreen is "listening" for new or updated Salesforce objects of this type, the subintegration should receive the activity data and save it in SalesScreen.

If the data is still not showing up in SalesScreen, proceed to go through the next items on the checklist and re-attempt Item 1.

Item 2 — Make sure conditions were met

It's important to be absolutely sure that the Salesforce activity should result in data being sent to and presented in SalesScreen. In other words, does the activity satisfy all the conditions of the corresponding subintegration?

Make sure the activity is of the correct object type (e.g., Opportunity/Task/etc.) and that it made it through any of the Subintegration's potential filters (e.g., only retrieve Opportunities where the Closing Probability is equal to 100%).

Item 3 — Give it time

Normally, it should only take a few seconds before the activity that was carried out in Salesforce is transferred and presented in SalesScreen. However, sometimes there can be a bigger latency (time delay) between the activity being saved in Salesforce and it arriving in SalesScreen.

Therefore, give it two minutes and if the activity is still not reflected in SalesScreen, continue to Item 4.

Item 4 — Make sure corresponding user exists in SalesScreen

The next step is to make sure that the owner of the Salesforce activity (the user that executed it) has a corresponding user account in SalesScreen. 

As an admin, navigate to the User administration overview in SalesScreen. Make sure the user that corresponds to the owner of the Salesforce activity exists. If it turns out the user doesn't exist, include him or her in your SalesScreen company.

The user account should be active (not deactivated) and have a Salesforce External Id mapped to it.

Finally, make sure the SaleScreen user account is part of a Team.

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