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How to fix screen sound / YouTube video issues in Chrome
How to fix screen sound / YouTube video issues in Chrome

This article describes a solution if you have problems with sound / YouTube videos on your SalesScreen TVs.

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With the release of Chrome 70, Google introduced a new feauture that would disallow autoplay of all audio on websites if there has been no user interaction with the site. 

This will unfortunately affect most of our customers (except customers with managed Chromeboxes or other managed Chrome OS devices) as screens will not play sound when a new report is pushed to your screen.

Below we have provided a solution to this problem.

Setting your Chrome flags

Step-by-step solution

  1. Connect Keyboard and Mouse to your Chrome device.

  2. Press Ctrl+w to close the app if SalesScreen is running.

  3. Open a new instance of Chrome.

  4. Type chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy into your browsers address bar.

   5. Select No user gesture is required from the dropdown to the right.

    6. Relaunch your browser.

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