How do Achievements work?

Find out how Achievements work in order to create engaging milestones for your team

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What is an Achievement?

Achievements open a whole new horizon of possibilities to motivate your sellers to surpass their goals. Think of an achievement as a celebration when a key milestone is reached in your company. Whether when a seller completes his sales budget, breaks a sales record or closes 10 sales in one day, you are given the tools to create custom achievements that matter to your organization. Achievements also include screen announcements, custom soundtracks, badges and experience points (XP). You and your teammates are going to love it.

What type of Achievements can I create?

SalesScreen offers 2 categories of achievements: Automatic achievements and Scheduled achievements.

Automatic Achievements

Automatic achievements are achievements that are triggered right after a report is added to SalesScreen, given that their conditions are met. You can have up to 60 automatic achievements.

  • Budget progression: When a user, a team or your entire company reaches certain percentage of the current assigned budget.

Example: Team reached 120% of his sales budget (in value).

  • Time: When a user adds a report within a specific timeframe

Example: User has reported an offer sent between 18:00 and 23:00.

  • Single report: When a user adds a report with a value or quantity higher than a specific goal.

Example: User has reported a sale of Product A with a value over 100 000,-

  • Combined reports: When a user, a team or your entire company adds reports within a specific timeframe and whose sum of values or quantities are higher than a defined goal.

Example: Team has reported more than 50 offers in one month

  • Single record: When a user adds a report setting a record of the highest value or quantity ever reported in one single report. You can pick whether it is a personal, team or company record.

Example: User reported a personal Sale record (In value) on Product A.

  • Progression: When a user, team or company surpasses the result from the last period (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly)

Example: Company surpassed the Sales results (in Value) from last Week.

Scheduled achievements

Scheduled achievements are however scheduled to be triggered at a specific point in time. The number of scheduled achievements is not capped.

  • MVP: A scheduled achievement showing the top sellers at team or company level in a given period

Example: The company's best seller of Product A for the week will be announced the following Monday at 08:00.

What happens when an achievement is triggered?

For each achievement, you can customize how the seller triggering it is awarded and how the achievement is announced. 

  • Achievement award: You can pick which badge will be awarded to the seller as well as how many XP (Experience points) are granted to this user upon triggering of the achievement.

  • Achievement Announcement: You can decide where and how the achievement will be announced. If you choose to announce the achievement on screen, you can choose the layout, soundtrack and duration of the announcement.

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