The first step is to click on Manage at the bottom left corner of SalesScreen.

A menu will pop up, where you can proceed to click on Events under the Gamification headline:

Once on the Events management page, you will see an overview of the events currently setup. To create a new Event click on the + Create new in the top right.

Create a new event either from our templates or create your very own. 

If you do click on QUICK, you will be presented with several events in each event type. These events will show you the many possibilities of events. The events are already configured and can be added by just clicking on them. You can always edit it afterwards. 

However, if you click on CREATE YOUR OWN, you will be able to customize everything. Start by selecting if you want to create an automatic event or scheduled event, then the category supported in the selected type. Note that you can read more about the different types on How do Events work?

Once you have completed these 2 steps, you will be asked to customize the settings of your event. This is what defines how the event should be triggered. When you select the different settings, have a look at the description below. This description explains how and when the event triggers. Keep in mind that the settings page is different for each type of event.

The next step it the customization of the badge. Select the badge you would like to represent this event. Give it a short and original title and a description much similar to the description in the settings page. Both these fields are required.

Next is the layout. This is how it will look on your screens when the event triggers. You could either have it random or select a specific one.

The final step is other settings. Upload your own soundtrack which will play when the event triggers, or select one of our default soundtracks. You can toggle screen celebration on / off as well as push notification to the mobile application. You can also set the popup duration on screen (in seconds) and award points if you are using the Points module. Click on Save when you are finished.

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