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How do I import users from Azure Active Directory?
How do I import users from Azure Active Directory?

Configure SalesScreen to sync users from your Azure Active Directory tenant, and allow your employees to use Single Sign-On via Microsoft.

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Note: You need admin privileges in both SalesScreen and your Azure Active Directory (AD) tenant to import users from Azure AD.

To start importing users from AD, navigate to the Users overview and select "add users" and the "Import" option.

Choose "Azure Active Directory" as your provider.

We offer two types of import, manual and automatic, each explained in detail in the following sections.


In order to sync users from your Azure AD tenant, we need some basic access to your account. If it's the first time you try to sync users, you will be asked to grant the SalesScreen application some basic permissions to your AD tenant. For the sync to function correctly we rely on 2 permission, namely listing users and groups within your tenant. The integration is read-only, SalesScreen never syncs any data back to AD. 

After clicking "Review Permissions" you will be redirected to Microsoft to review the permissions and add your consent.

Manual Import

Choosing the manual import allows you to pick the users you want to sync from AD. We list all the users present in your AD tenant that are not already added to your SalesScreen account, and you can pick which users you want to add. Once added, these users can sign into SalesScreen using their Microsoft credentials. Click the "Add" button on the bottom of the page to import the selected users.

Automatic Import

To enable the automatic import, choose the "Automatic Import" link, and then press the "Enable" button.

Once enabled, the automatic import allows you to specify a set of groups from your AD tenant that you wish to import users from. All users that belong to these groups will be automatically added to SalesScreen. Once configured we monitor your AD tenant for changes made to the membership of the groups you have selected. If new users are added to any of these groups, a user will be automatically created in SalesScreen. Similar to the manual import, these users can sign into SalesScreen using their Microsoft credentials.

We also offer the option to automatically disable users that are removed from the AD groups. With this option enabled, active users in SalesScreen will reflect the members of the selected groups in AD at any given time.

The automatic sync will run once every hour.

If you should wish to disable the automatic sync, simply press the "Disable" button at the bottom of the page.

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