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How do I integrate with Vitec Express?
How do I integrate with Vitec Express?

Set up the integration from SalesScreen's user interface in no time and celebrate sales activities on TV-screens, dashboards and feed!

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Note: This integration is read-only, meaning SalesScreen will only retrieve data from Vitec Express. You need admin privileges in both SalesScreen and Vitec Express to carry out this approach.


SalesScreen must be authorized by Vitec in order to retrieve Vitec Express data. First, contact SalesScreen and explain that you want to set up an integration between SalesScreen and Vitec Express. SalesScreen will contact Vitec and initiate the authorization process. After authorization has been given, SalesScreen will set up the integration for you.


You can import Vitec Express users to SalesScreen via the integration dashboard. The resulting SalesScreen user accounts will be mapped to their corresponding Vitec Express accounts and will thus be credited with the sales activities registered in Vitec Express.


SalesScreen can currently synchronize the following entity types from Vitec Express:
โ€‹Estates, Meetings and Tips.

Explain to a SalesScreen representative which criterias should be in effect for the given type, e.g., "Only retrieve estates that have been sold".

SalesScreen will configure the integration settings for you in the shape of a "workflow" and modify them upon request.

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