The personal landing page will show basic live information about the main areas of the SalesScreen system and let’s you navigate in an easy way to the areas that you are interested in.

The landing page is currently divided into 7 different areas that you can interact with.

  • Scorecards (if enabled on a company level)

  • Competitions

  • Achievements

  • Rewards (if enabled on a company level)

  • Battles (if enabled on a company level)

  • User Targets (if enabled on a company level)


The Scorecards area will show you your primary and secondary (if enabled) scores live.


The Competitions area will show you all active or upcoming competitions that you are involved in.

We also show you how many prizes that are available in addition to your current placement in the competition.


The Achievements area will show you the 3 latest Achievements you have unlocked. When you unlock a new Achievement it will appear instantly in this area.


The Rewards area give you an overview of how many Coins you currently have, as well as the progression you have made towards your starred rewards.


The Battles area show you your active Battles and who is currently in the lead.

User Targets
The User Targets area will show all your targets and your current progression towards these in the current target period.

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