What does this integration do?

In short, the Slack integration enables your SalesScreen feed posts to be sent to a Slack channel of your choice, in your Slack workspace. This is practical if you're using Slack a lot and want a steady flow of your team's activities and achievements populated to Slack.

Note: The current version of the integration sends SalesScreen feed messages generated from

  • activities being registered
  • events being triggered
  • competitions being started/ended
  • battles being started/ended

This means that user created messages, comments and reactions are not sent to Slack.


You need to have an active SalesScreen subscription in order to add the SalesScreen Slack app to your team. Furthermore, the integration can only be activated with a SalesScreen admin account.

In SalesScreen

To initialize the integration between SalesScreen and Slack, sign in to SalesScreen with an admin user account. Navigate to Company Settings by clicking Manage > Settings. If you don't see a the Manage button at the bottom left of the screen, it means you're signed in with a non-admin user account.

Once there, go to Integrations and click on Integrate for Slack. Alternatively, this link will take you there directly.

This action will initiate the Slack authentication and authorization process, which means you'll be redirected to Slack's login page (if not already signed in). 

Once authenticated, Slack will present a summary of what the SalesScreen app is requesting access to. You'll be prompted to select one of your Slack channels to send the SalesScreen feed messages to.

When ready, click Allow. As a result, SalesScreen will store the integration configurations, and you'll be redirected back to SalesScreen.

That's it! Your SalesScreen account is integrated with your Slack workspace, and your SalesScreen feed messages will from now on be sent to the selected Slack channel as well!

Need assistance?

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us via our live support chat. Simply click on the chat bubble in the bottom right corner, and one of our support representatives will be all ears!

How do I remove the SalesScreen app / terminate the integration?

Should you want to terminate the integration, you can simply remove the SalesScreen app from your Slack workspace. You can also remove the webhook responsible for receiving SalesScreen feed post messages. Contact us at any time if you have further questions!

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