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Quality Control FAQ

Short summary for core functionality in Quality Control

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What is a sales leader?
A sales leader is a user in a company with responsibility for a team of sellers. In quality control they have the role of checking deviations that inspectors add for their sellers.

How are sales leaders and quality control inspectors added?
Administrators can add sales leaders and inspectors from the user overview. Go to Manage - Users, select a user and choose the Access tab.

What happens if a sales leader disagree with a deviation?
The deviation will be marked as a dispute. Users with access as dispute solvers will decide on whether it qualifies as a deviation or not.

Typical workflow with quality control:

  1. An inspector creates a control

  2. Users are added to the control - reports for the selected users will show up in the reports section

  3. Inspectors go through the reports to check if everything is reported according to rules and instructions

  4. When all reports are controlled, sales leaders with sellers represented in the control are notified by email and a deadline for responses are set 

  5. Sales leaders go through the deviations for their sellers, and respond with agree/disagree and an optional comment

  6. When a sales leader has responded to all deviations the inspector is notified by email

  7. If there are any disputes, dispute solvers will make a decision on whether there is a deviation or not. When all disputes are resolved the control is ready to finish

  8. When an inspector marks the control as finished points will be added/deducted for all approved deviations

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