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How do I manage boards and widgets?
How do I manage boards and widgets?

Learn how to manage boards and widgets to provide valuable statistical insights in your company

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The SalesScreen Dashboard let's you create boards and widgets that will help you categorize and visualize the statistics that are most important to your company. 


To get started with the SalesScreen Dashboard you first need to create a board

The boards provide a way to sort and categorize the widgets in your company. They will also let you restrict access and the level  of user data interaction through the board filters.

Click on "Manage boards" then "Add board".

Boards can always be edited after creation.


Once you have created a board it's time to start adding some widgets

The widgets have different data foundations and looks. The data of a given widget is decided by it's function and how the data is presented on the board is decided by the widget layout. The layouts that are made available when creating a widget is based on the selected function. 

Widgets can be changed, moved around and resized after creation.

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