Freshsales' Supported Entities

The Freshsales integration supports the entities (modules) described in this article.

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The Freshsales REST API allows for third-party services, like SalesScreen, to retrieve records using the API Key of a specific Freshsales user. Records belonging to the following entities (or modules) can be retrieved:

  • Deal

  • Account

  • Contact

  • Lead

When using a Freshsales admin user's API Key, we can retrieve records belonging to any user across the organization.

Deal / Account / Contact / Lead

When retrieving records belonging to these entities, we utilize their pre-defined views (filters) defined in Freshsales.

Let's look at the Deal entity. It has a collection of views in its Freshsales dashboard. A couple of examples are: My Deals and Won Deals.

When configuring a workflow in SalesScreen to retrieve Deal records, we have to choose one of the Deal views to pull records from. Most of these views are configured with a filter in Freshsales; e.g., the Won Deals view has the following filter:

If we decide to synchronize Deal records from the Won Deals view, we know that we're only going to receive "Default Pipeline" Deals whose stage = "Won". If need be, we can add additional filters in the SalesScreen workflow so that only a subset of these records are actually processed and stored in SalesScreen.


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