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Opening the developer console in your browser
Opening the developer console in your browser

Go to the developer console to find any potential error messages related to your support request.

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Your browser has a tool called the Developer console. This can be a very useful tool when debugging issues related to support requests.

This is how you open the developer console in Chrome:

  • On Windows, press CTRL + SHIFT + J

  • On Mac, press CMD + OPTION + J

  • As an alternative, you can right-click on the webpage, click Inspect and the DevTools window will appear. Click the Console tab in that window.

The console output window will in many cases provide information that is useful for the support team. It might look something like this:

Any information you're able to capture in a screenshot from this console will simplify the process of resolving any issues related to your request. If there are any errors related to the action that is causing you trouble, they should appear when you are performing that action.

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