What is a Supporter?

Use Supporters to let more people in your organization make use of SalesScreen's features.

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A Supporter is a user that

  • can use SalesScreen Rewards

  • can send and receive Endorsements

  • can create content in the Feed and interact with content created by other users

  • can view certain dashboards

What separates Supporters from regular users are that they

  • can't register any data, which means they can't be a part of competitions, battles and leaderboards

  • can't receive achievements

  • can't manage any content

Which dashboards can Supporters access?

They can access any dashboard that has settings that make them transparent to every user in the company. Dashboards with the following settings will show up for Supporters:

  • Team access: All

  • Show current user's data by default: Off

  • Access level: All

I can't add Supporters. How do I enable it?

  • The Supporter-module must be enabled

  • When a user is created, it can't be changed to a Supporter afterwards. If this is the case, please contact support.

  • You need an active subscription in order to add Supporters. Please contact support to get started.

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