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How to create a Bracket competition

Create a bracket competition where participants battle each other over multiple stages until there is a final.

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Step 1 - Competition Type

In the competition creation wizard, click on Brackets.

Step 2 - Layout
In the second step of the wizard, you'll be asked to pick a layout for the competition. A layout is the theme of the competition as it's displayed on the TV-monitors. However, in the bracket competition there is only one layout to choose.

Step 3 - Participants

In the third step of the wizard, you'll choose the type of participants. The bracket competition supports User vs User, Team vs Team and Custom Team vs Custom Team.

Custom Teams is easier understood through an example; if John is on Team-A and Beatrice is on Team-B, you can set up a competition where John and Beatrice are placed on the same team (e.g., Team-Awesome). Team-Awesome will exist as long as the competition is running, where team members are working towards a commong goal set by the bounds of the competition.

Step 4 - Settings

Set the title of the competition. The Title field helps to identify the competition slide that can be placed in playlists, which are displayed on TV-screens.

Description (Optional)

This field is handy when wanting to provide the competition with a short description.

The Description field helps to identify the competition slide that can be placed in playlists, which are displayed on TV-screens.

Compete on

Choose what you want to compete on: Sales, Meetings etc.

Show top X

How many of the participants you want showing on the screen.


Bracket competition supports up to 4 rounds. There will always be a Preliminary Round. This round is a regular toplist and the top X from this round will proceed to elimination rounds. The elimination rounds are Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Finals. The number of rounds available to select depends on the number of participants added. Set the dates for each round. Be sure that they don't overlap each other.

Step 5 - Prizes

In the fifth step of the wizard, you can define prize(s) that will be awarded the winner(s) of the competition. You can choose to have no prize at all or even multiple prizes. One may think that a Bracket competition only supports 1 prize, but that is not the case. Add more prizes if you want.

Step 6 - Finish

In the last step of the wizard you can choose to publish it right away, which means everyone will be aware of the competition, or you can save it as a draft for now. Just remember to publish it before it starts. If you publish it right away, make sure to choose the screen playlists you would like the competition to appear on. This shortcut exists so that you don't have to assign the competition slide to your different playlists.

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