Note: You need admin privileges in SalesScreen and to carry out this approach.


  • You need to possess the unique identifiers that are associated with the user accounts in the external system — typically a CRM system.

  • The SalesScreen user accounts, that you want to map to external user accounts, must already exist.

How to

We'll show the process through an exampe. In this case we want to map the SalesScreen user account of John Doe to his user account in Microsoft Dynamics.

Step 1 — Navigate to Mappings dashboard

Navigate to the Company Settings dashboard by clicking on Manage and then on Settings in the menu. 

Click on Mappings.

Step 2 — Create mapping

Find the user that you want to map to a an external user. 

Notice that John Doe in this example does not currently hold a mapping to an external user — as seen by the empty Integration field on the right side. 

Click on the the user.

In the window that appears, paste the unique identifier, that's associated with this user in the external system, into the External Id field. 

Proceed by picking the external System from the dropdown menu — in this case Microsoft Dynamics

Finally, click Add.

The SalesScreen user account is now in sync with its Microsoft Dynamics user account.

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