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How do I set up a Scorecard?

Keeping tabs on your teams progress has never been easier, read below to learn how to set up a Scorecard.

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You need to be a SalesScreen company administrator in order to create Scorecards.

Getting Started

  1. Click the "Scorecards" button on the left-aligned navigation bar in the SalesScreen platform

2. If you haven't set up any Scorecards there will be a "Getting Started" button, if you have Scorecards created already, you can click the right-aligned "Edit Scorecards" button. From there, you'll have the ability to start to create Objectives.

These objectives can be Weekly, Monthly (if you want to motivate to push towards goals mid-quarter), or Quarterly. You can also set up more than one objective, for instance, your primary objective for the quarter could be revenue hit and the secondary objective could be the amount of pipeline built. You also have the option to make the Scorecards Public (visibly to everyone), Private (each member can see their own scorecard), or Hidden (only admins can see the scorecard).

3. Next, you can start to fill in the activities that you want to track that will help reach the objectives you have set.

4. Once you've added all your activities, then you can begin to assign benchmarks and values to each. You have the option of defining your own benchmark or let us create a benchmark for you based on the previous period. The metrics are also given weight, to indicate their importance to the overall objective - as users progress towards the benchmark for each metric, they are given points.

5. The weight of each activity combined must add up to 100% otherwise you cannot save the scorecard.

6. Then you're done! Click the "Scorecard" button on the left-aligned navigation bar to see all the scorecards you've created, your team scorecards, and individual scorecards.

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