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How can I import reports from Excel?
How can I import reports from Excel?

Import reports from Excel to bulk add many reports at once, for example in order to add your historical data to SalesScreen

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Required User Privileges: Company Admin / Team Admin
The first step is to click on Reports at the menu in the left of SalesScreen:

All of the reports will now show up. Set the right activity types, click on "more actions" and "import from Excel:

Upload your Excel spreadsheet by pressing the upload button. You can also download our Excel template to see an example.

Once your file got uploaded, you will be asked to map each column in your excel spreadsheet to a report field (some columns may be auto-mapped. Make sure this is correct before completing the connection). This is done through the dropdowns. When you are done, click the Complete connection button:

You will then be presented with the data you have uploaded. Make sure that the data corresponds to that of your Excel sheet. To initialize the import process click on Start Import:

If any row(s) contains an error, you will be given the choice to skip that row or upload a new file that does not contain an error. Click on the errounous row(s) to skip.

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