Creating Feeds

Assign different feeds to different teams in your account to tailor the content.

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Feeds give you an impression of what's going on in your SalesScreen account. When something noteworthy happens in one of SalesScreen's modules, it can be posted to feeds to let users scroll through the timeline and give feedback through likes and comments.

Creating a new feed

Every account in SalesScreen has a default feed configured. It will be set up to include a generic summary of things happening in the account. If you want more control over what users in different feeds, you can create team feeds.

To create a team feed, go to the upper right corner of the feed, click the thee dots and select Create new.

You will be redirected to the Create feed form, where you can start by adding a title and a description.

Selecting teams

Next up is selecting the teams to assign to this feed. In SalesScreen, a team can have one default feed. This is the feed that defines which feed a team sees when they log into SalesScreen and load the feed, and what push notifications users in these teams get. All the teams you select in this stage will get this feed as their default feed.

Enabling feed post sources

Battles, Achievments, Endorsements, Birthdays, New Employee announcements and Journey Achievments make up the feed post sources, in addition to metrics and activity types. Sources are a common word for anything that can create a feed post in a feed.

In this section of the create form, you are presented with the different types of sources and the possibility of selecting a custom team filter for each source. Note that by default, all sources have the teams assigned above as its default team filter. This means that if you want to show Battles from more teams than the one you assigned this feed to, you need to click Set custom team filter and choose either a selection of- or all teams.


In the picture below, the feed will include Battle feed posts from Team Berlin, while Achievment feed posts from Berlin, Oslo, and Paris will be added to the feed.

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