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How to get my Strava activity into SalesScreen.

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How does it work?

To have your physical activity come over from Strava you need to give SalesScreen access. When that is done data will start come over in real time.


For SalesScreen to access your data you must log in to Strava on Your Profile.

1. Click the Connect button

2. Choose if you would like to include Private data or not, if you opt to not include private data only data which is available to everyone in Strava will come over to SalesScreen.

3. Log in using your Strava account.

4. Give us access by clicking Authorize. You can at any time revoke our access.

Terminate integration

If you want to stop data coming over from your account you can go to Your Profile and click on the Manage button where you will have the option to Terminate the integration.

You can also choose to revoke the access on the Strava web page by going to Settings -> My Apps and clicking Revoke.

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