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How can I start a Battle?
How can I start a Battle?

Start a battle to invite one of your colleague to compete head-to-head on your own terms

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To access the Battles page, the first step is to click on Battles in the left side menu:

You will be presented with the Battles page. Press Click to start a new battle:

You will prompted with a pop-up window allowing you to create a new battle invite:

The following fields will be available for you to customize the battle invite:

  • Personal Message: Message that will only appear within the invite sent to your opponent. Use it to convince your opponent that the battle is worth accepting by, for instance, naming the reward for the winner.

  • Type: Type of reports on which you and your opponent will compete. It can be either Sale, Offer, Activity or Meeting. 

  • Product: Product on which you and your opponent will compete. Note that the products available depends on the type you have chosen.

  • Calculated in:  Metric you would like to use to measure your reports. It can be either Value, Quantity or Gross Margin.

  • Set a Battle Goal: Option to set a fix goal for the battle or not. If you choose to set a battle goal, the battle will be won when the goal is reached. If you choose not to set a battle goal, the winner will be decided when the end date is reached. 

  • Goal: Numerical goal to be reached in the battle. Note that you can set a goal only if you have marked Set a Battle Goal as ON and that the goal must express in the metric you have picked in Calculated In.

  • Start on Accept: Option to configure the battle to start whenever your opponent accepts your invitation. 

  • Start Date: Time and date at which the battle will start. Note that you can configure this field only if you have set Start on Accept to OFF.

  • End Date: Time and date at which the battle will end. Note that if you have set Set a Battle Goal to ON, the batte may end earlier if either you or your opponent have reached the goal set in Goal.

  • User: The opponent that you'll be facing in your battle.

  • Screen Message: Message appearing on screen when the battle starts. Note that this message will be visible to everyone within your company.

When you are done configuring your battle invite, click on the Send button

Once your battle invite has been sent, your opponent will receive a notification and he/she will have to either accept and reject your invitation.
You too will be notified when your opponent has taken a decision on your battle invite.

Note that you can see all of your incoming and outgoing battle invites by looking at the Battle Requests in the top right:

From there you can decline or accept the battle invite:

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