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Which feed will users see when they open SalesScreen?
Which feed will users see when they open SalesScreen?

Learn how the different types of feeds control what users see.

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In SalesScreen we operate with two different types of feeds: The Default feed and Team-specific feeds.

Default Feed

To make sure all users in an account always have a feed available when they enter SalesScreen, every account has a default feed. No matter if you're an administrator, a supporter, or a regular user in SalesScreen, you can access the default feed and all the content in it.

Some companies won't need anything more than the default feed. If you're happy with sharing the same content to every user in your account, we recommend you configure the default feed and make sure settings keep the feed content notable and interesting.

Team-specific feeds

Accounts with a higher number of users will probably see the need for creating feeds tailored for different teams in their account. We usually see two reasons for creating team-specific feeds: to limit what content users are allowed to see and make sure the content users see actually matters to them. Feed content should foster interaction and recognition.

Which feed will the different users see when they open SalesScreen?

When you create a team-specific feed you get to assign teams to it.

In this feed, only the team Oslo is assigned. This means that all users in Team Oslo will get content from this feed when they open SalesScreen. They will be able to select the Default feed, but only by navigating to the feed picker in the upper right corner of the feed.

If a user's team isn't assigned to a feed, or if a user doesn't belong to a team at all, they will get content from the default feed when opening SalesScreen.

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