Setting up Zapier

In order to integrate Pipedrive and SalesScreen, you will need to have a Zapier account. Zapier is a third party service that enables multiple integrations between a variety of different software, including Pipedrive and SalesScreen. If you do not already have one, feel free to sign-up for a free trial account. 

Next step is to connect your Zapier account with SalesScreen. We have a separate guide to show you how to do so. 

At this stage, you should have a Zapier account and authenticated Zapier with SalesScreen, meaning Zapier is allowed to add data to your SalesScreen account. 


Zaps is the term Zapier use to describe each individual "bridge" between two systems. It is in the actual Zap-setup you will decide what behavior in one system should trigger data to flow to another system. Zapier usually asks for new data every 5 minutes, and pass them along to the other system. However, it is possible to make it real-time by utilizing Webhooks - which we will do in this guide.

In the example of SalesScreen and Pipedrive, we want to instantly add new deals won as Sale in SalesScreen, new Activities marked as done as Activity in SalesScreen and Meetings added in Pipedrive as Meetings booked in SalesScreen. 

For this tutorial, I will show how to make Deals marked as Won in Pipedrive automatically come over as Sale in SalesScreen

Deal Won in Pipedrive as Sale in SalesScreen

In order to get sales coming into SalesScreen in real-time as they are being marked as Won in Pipedrive, we need to follow three steps to achieve this goal:

  1. Create the "bridge" between Zapier and SalesScreen

  2. Create the "webhook" in Pipedrive, which notifies Zapier of new deals updated

  3. Connect the users of Pipedrive and SalesScreen together on a common identifier

1. Prepare Zapier to catch new data from Pipedrive

In Zapier, create a new zap

Choose Webhooks by Zapier

Select Catch a Hook:

Skip the Options step by clicking Continue

Now a new URL is ready, which Pipedrive will pass data to. Click "Copy to clipboard" - we will need this to setup the actual "Webhook" in Pipedrive. 

2. Send new data from Pipedrive to Zapier

Open a new tab in your browser and log-in to your Pipedrive CRM account, then go to Settings in the top right corner. Next, click "Webhooks" in the left menu and then Create new Webhook:

Seeing as we want closed deals for this scenario, we will listen to all updated deals. Select the Event Action "Updated", on the Event Object deal. You should have copied the Webhook URL from step 1 in Zapier already, so paste it into Endpoint URL like so:

After clicking Save above, you should now have the Webhook listed like so: 

Go back to Zapier and click OK, I did this

Create a new deal in Pipedrive and set it as won:

Zapier should now have received the information from Pipedrive, and display Test Successful

After clicking Continue, select SalesScreen as your target software:

Click Continue, and select Add new report, then Save + Continue

Select your connected SalesScreen Account (no account connected, follow this guide) and click Save + Continue

Finally we get into the nitty gritty details of how the data should be passed on to SalesScreen. In this step (Edit Template), you will define what values in Pipedrive should be passed on to SalesScreen. For this scenario, I suggest the following parameters (explanation below pictures): 

Source System: Pipedrive
SalesScreen support incoming data from multiple systems, so it is important that we note that this is coming from Pipedrive

Report ID: Current ID
This is the unique identifier of each report added to SalesScreen. We pick the "Current ID" here seeing as it is the unique identifier of this particular Pipedrive Deal. 

User ID: Current User ID
We need some way to know which user this new sale should be added on. By selecting Current User ID, we can map the users in SalesScreen and Pipedrive on this unique identifier. I will show you later on in this guide how to find all Pipedrive User IDs and add them to SalesScreen. 

Report Type: Sale
For this Zap, we want the report to be added to SalesScreen as a Sale

Product: Sale
SalesScreen supports multiple different types of "products" that sales should be added on. In the case of SalesScreen and Pipedrive, the normal way is to add all won deals under the product "Sale". By writing Sale here, this product will automatically be created the first time a report is added in SalesScreen.

Customer ID: Current ORG ID
This is the Customer ID in SalesScreen. If you have a custom numerical field in your Pipedrive you would like to use instead of the unique identifier of the organization, you can pick that instead - or just leave it blank. 

Customer Name: Current Org Name
This is the Customer Name in SalesScreen, so it should correspond to the Organization Name in Pipedrive. This is done by selecting Current Org Name. 

Quantity: 1
This is the number of sales in SalesScreen, and should be kept at 1. 

Value: Current Value
This is the actual deal size, and should correlate with the won deal size in Pipedrive. 

Gross Margin: 0
This is an optional second numerical value on each report in SalesScreen, useful for those who operate with both Value Sold and actual Gross Margin on the sale. So if you have such a field in Pipedrive, you can select this instead. Default is 0. 

Report Date: Current First Won Time
This is the time of the report in SalesScreen. If kept blank, it will be the time the sale is passed to SalesScreen. Current First Won Time is selected so it is exactly the same as in Pipedrive. Useful if you update old deals before setting up the integration, so that they appear on the correct date of getting the sale. 

Adding an important Filter

For this particular scenario, we want only Won deals. For the keen eye, they might remember that we added a Webhook in Pipedrive for all updated deals. This does not necessarily only mean Won deals. So we need to filter out all deals not won for it to work. In order to do this, we need to create a Filter between Pipedrive and SalesScreen in Zapier: 

 Seeing as we are receiving Updated Deals from Pipedrive, we only want it to add a report to SalesScreen IF the Previous Status is not Won, and the Current Status is exactly Won, like so: 

Skip Test & Continue to finish the Filter: 

Do the same for the Add new report step (1), give this zap a name (2) and enable it (3) 

Go back to your Dashboard by clicking Dashboard in the top left corner. Your zap should now be enabled and active: 

Your Zap is ready, so now we only have the last step left - connecting SalesScreen users and Pipedrive users through the unique identifier that Pipedrive use. 

3. Connecting Pipedrive users and SalesScreen users together

First we need to get the complete list of all the Pipedrive User IDs. The easiest way to do this, is by using the developer documentation of Pipedrive. You will need to enter your API token - here is the Pipedrive guide on how to retrieve this. 

Open the Pipedrive API documentation and find the Get All Users method. 

"Test endpoint" (1) on Get all users in order to retrieve the full list of all your Pipedrive users, and their corresponding unique user identificator (2). Scroll down to see more users (3).  

Navigate to SalesScreen, click "Manage" and "Settings"

Then click on the "Mappings" item (1), select one of your SalesScreen users (2), pick Pipedrive as the system (3) and enter the unique identifier corresponding to the user you picked from the information retrieved on the pipedrive documentation above (4). Finally, add the entry (5). 

Congratulations, all new deals marked as won in Pipedrive will now come automatically over to SalesScreen in real-time! 👏

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