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How can users set their own targets from Home?
How can users set their own targets from Home?
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SalesScreen users can set their own targets by going to Home and navigating to the Targets widget.

For these input fields to appear for users, targets might require some attention from an administrator with access to the targets module.

How to decide which fields a user can set targets on

If you want your users to be able to set their own targets, you can first navigate to Manage - Targets. You will be presented with the view that lets you add targets to the current period.

First, make sure each user has a row for each activity type you want to appear with an input field in the Targets section on Home:

The configuration above should let all users set their own target on the type Sale. If you want this to appear for meetings as well, as in the image at the top, you can add rows for that activity type as well, from the Add targets button in the upper right:

When a new period approaches, the set target will be copied and users will be able to update their targets for the upcoming period in the same way.


  • The types available in the current target period control what users can set their targets on

  • If you step in, as an administrator, and alter the targets from your point of view, the users will lose the possibility to control that target themselves

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