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How can I share my Achievements?
How can I share my Achievements?

Share your Achievments to LinkedIn or other platforms to highlight your milestones.

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We offer two different ways of sharing your Achievements in SalesScreen. Look for the Download and LinkedIn buttons on unlocked achievements โ€“ they are available on the Achievements page and in the popup that shows any achievement you've received since the last time you visited the application.


In the achievements popup, and on the details page for an achievement, you can spot a LinkedIn button. When you click it, a link with information about the achievement is generated, and a LinkedIn browser window opens with a prepared post including the link to the achievement.

The linked page will contain an image displaying the name and description of the achievement, and the date it was unlocked.

Downloading the achievement image

The same image you can share through a link on LinkedIn can be downloaded. Press the download icon, copy it from your computer, and post it wherever you want.

It will be stored in your downloads folder as a .png image.

Can other users share my achievement?

The achievement image is available to you and to the administrators of your company account. They can also download and share your achievement on your behalf.

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