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How does the Achievements popup work?
How does the Achievements popup work?

Browse your recently unlocked achievements with the popup showing up when logging in to SalesScreen.

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You might unlock achievements in SalesScreen when you're away from your computer. In that case, we will show a popup with your recently unlocked achievements the next time you open SalesScreen.

You are presented with three options for each achievement: Download, View, and Share to LinkedIn.

Pressing the View button will take you to a dedicated page for that achievement where you can find more details. You can read more about sharing your achievements here.

Which achievements will show up in the popup?

The popup will show achievements you’ve unlocked while being offline or achievements that you have not visited before by going to the achievement details page. This popup will only be shown once after you log in.

After it’s closed, all achievements will be marked as seen and not show up in the popup until the next time you unlock them.

Where can I find achievements after closing the popup?

Click on Achievements in the left-hand menu, and go to the details of the achievement you want to share. There you can find the Share and Download buttons on the right.

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