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Achievement Streaks
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Achievement Streaks allow users to start a streak when they unlock a badge or badges, consecutively. When a streak is started, the streak icon will appear next to the user's name on the achievement leaderboard, and will also appear in their personal profile.

Check the Manage your Achievements section for more details on how to configure Achievements.

The Streak count

Whenever an achievement that supports Streaks happens in two subsequent periods, you will get a Streak. If you unlock it two times in a row, the Streak indicator will say 2.

For this count to increment further, you need to continue to unlock the achievement in the coming periods.

Streak Leaderboards

When browsing the achievements in your account, by going to Achievements in the left-hand menu, you can go into each achievement to see the leaderboard of the longest streaks on that achievement.

What can cause a Streak to be reset?

You will maintain your streak by unlocking the achievement in every repeating period. The first time it doesn’t happen, you lose your streak.

You should not lose your Streak during non-working days. Based on the working days and public holiday settings in your account, SalesScreen determines if a Streak is lost or not.

Streaks on the Achievement leaderboard

Achievement leaderboards will display two numbers: the current Streak, and the number of times it's been unlocked.

Here, Carla is on a Streak because she has unlocked the achievement 3 consecutive times. In total, she has unlocked the achievement 23 times.

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