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How can I use SalesScreen on my tablet?
How can I use SalesScreen on my tablet?
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The key elements of SalesScreen work well on tablets. We suggest you use the Install app feature on your tablet to get easy access to SalesScreen.

Adding SalesScreen to your tablet

By installing SalesScreen on your tablet, you're creating a shortcut from your tablet to a logged-in instance of SalesScreen. It makes SalesScreen feel more like a dedicated tablet app as opposed to opening it in the web browser on your tablet.

The straightforward way

Most tablets will give you the option to install SalesScreen to your tablet the first time you log in on

  1. Enter your email, followed by your password, and log in

  2. When you're landing inside the application, you're presented with a popup asking if you want to install SalesScreen on your device. Press Install

  3. You should be able to find SalesScreen on the home screen of your device

If everything goes as planned until this point, you can move on to enjoying SalesScreen on your tablet. 🎉

If the Install SalesScreen popup doesn't appear


  1. Open Chrome

  2. Enter in the URL text field, log in if you didn’t already

  3. Tap the three dots in the upper right-hand corner, and tap Add to home screen

  4. You’ll be able to enter a name for the shortcut and then Chrome will add it to your home screen.


  1. Open Safari

  2. Enter in the URL text field, log in if you didn’t already

  3. Tap the icon featuring a right-pointing arrow coming out of a box along the top of the Safari window to open a drop-down menu

  4. Tap Add to Home Screen. A dialog box will appear, with the icon that will be used for this website on the left side of the dialog box.

  5. Enter the name for the shortcut and tap Add

Are there any pages that don’t work on tablets?

We’ve been focusing on the pages for the end-users, meaning not manager-specific views available from the Manage menu in the bottom left corner. If you need to manage targets, account configuration, or similar we recommend logging in on a PC for the best experience.

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