Typically, SalesScreen pulls new or updated records from Salesforce every 5 minutes via SalesScreen-defined workflows. However, for certain Salesforce objects, SalesScreen can receive event notifications in real time.

Tutorial: Real-time streaming of Opportunity records

If you have one or more SalesScreen workflows that are pulling Salesforce Opportunity records, and you want to rather receive these records in real time, you have to to a couple of quick things in Salesforce and SalesScreen respectively.

First, you have to enable Change Data Capture for the Opportunity object in Salesforce. This will allow SalesScreen to subscribe to Opportunity change events via Salesforce's Pub/Sub API.

NOTE: All custom Salesforce objects and a subset of standard objects are supported by Change Data Capture.

Second, you have to enable real-time data synchronization for the Opportunity workflow(s) in SalesScreen. This action forces SalesScreen to listen for the real-time Opportunity change events rather than pulling new or updated records from Salesforce on a fixed interval.

In Salesforce

The first step is to enable Change Data Capture for the specific object in Salesforce.

Sign in as a Salesforce administrator and navigate to Setup > Change Data Capture.

Search for Opportunity in the search box (the search is case-sensitive!).

Click on Opportunity and then click the Right arrow button to enable Change Data Capture for the object type.

Finally, click Save at the very bottom of the page.

In SalesScreen

Sign in as a SalesScreen administrator and navigate to Manage > Settings > Integrations > Salesforce.

Find the Opportunity workflow and click on the cogwheel next to it. Select Advanced from the context menu.

Click on Web Hook.

And finally, check the Enable Web Hook checkbox.

And that's it! Salesforce's Opportunity records should now be streamed to SalesScreen in real time whenever updates occur.

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