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How do I synchronize high-volume Salesforce data?
How do I synchronize high-volume Salesforce data?

Set up an aggregated Salesforce workflow to sync high-volume metrics like Calls & Emails!

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SalesScreen typically synchronizes individual Salesforce records of your choosing. However, some record types are so high-volume that it doesn't make sense to retrieve individual records. These metrics should rather be aggregated on a per-user-per-day basis.

This article shows by example how you can create an aggregated workflow that retrieves Salesforce Task records.


You have to be a SalesScreen company administrator to follow the steps described in this article.

In SalesScreen

Sign in to SalesScreen as an admin. Navigate to Manage > Settings > Integrations > Manage Salesforce.

Click on Create new workflow > Normal workflow.

Select Salesforce Object Source

In the Source step of the workflow wizard, search for and select the Task object from the dropdown menu. Click Apply.

Set the Criteria

Add the following criteria:

This criteria means that this workflow will only receive Task records where the Type field has been set.

Map Fields

Navigate to the Destination step of the workflow creation wizard.

Choose the Activity Type that the aggregated Task records should populate to.

Find and map the Activity dropdown to the Type field.

Scroll down and find the Main User Id dropdown. Map it to the Task OwnerId field.

Scroll down and find the Quantity dropdown. Map it to the AggregatedRecordCount field.

Scroll down to the bottom and map the Report Date dropdown to the ActivityDate field.

NOTE: It's important that you select a date-only field in this step. The records we are retrieving are grouped by the record date and thus a date-and-time field (e.g., CreatedDate) will not be accepted as a valid value.

Enable Record Aggregation

At the very bottom of the page, click on the cogwheel to bring up the advanced options modal.

Give the workflow a fitting description. E.g.,

Total Tasks per user per day

And make sure the Accumulate records checkbox is checked.

Finally, close the modal and Save the workflow.

From now on, SalesScreen will receive the total aggregated number of Task records per user per day. Furthermore, the records will be categorized into their individual Task Types:

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