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How does the competition page work?
How does the competition page work?

Dive into the different building blocks of SalesScreen competitions.

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The Competition page is the common space for all competition participants. It includes a chat, an animated layout, a brief description of the prizes and the rules, a chart with results over time, highlights, a leaderboard, and more. With features for both participants and administrators, we believe this will be really valuable for your team. Let's quickly dive into what is shown here.

Standings Tab → Participant Focused

In order to provide a personalized experience, SalesScreen will show the position and the current results of the signed-in participant. The animated leaderboard under Standings will be updated to show a maximum of 5 participants, including you. So if you are in 8th place, you will see 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th places. This is done to give you a better overview of where you stand as a participant and how likely you are to change positions.

Nemesis Selection

When you, as a participant, enter the competition area for the first time, you will be presented with a window to pick your nemesis. The nemesis is a participant you want to be compared with. During the competition, it will be possible to see how you stand compared to your nemesis. This selection is private and you are the only one to see it. You won’t be able to change your nemesis after the selection, so pick wisely! 😅

Nemesis Tab

For the ones that picked a nemesis, we are showing a separate tab where you can view your result and the result of the selected participant. Under the animated leaderboard, you will be able to see the statistics over time. The difference between you and your nemesis will always be available in the bottom right corner.

Compare Tab

This tab will only be available to administrators. It will give a full overview of all participants in an animated leaderboard but also a possibility to compare the results over time inside the chart. This way you, as a manager, will have total control of the big picture, stay updated with the progress, and be able to distinguish patterns and behaviors.

Top Tab

This tab will show a maximum of 5 places on the top of the leaderboard so that you as a participant can check how the top scorers are performing.


At the bottom of this area, we are displaying the Highlights. As of now, we have 2 types of highlights: Top Climber and Top Performer.

  • Top Climber is a daily highlight that is generated by comparing the current position of the participants with the last day of the competition.

  • Top Performer is also a daily highlight that is generated by looking at the highest results scored on the last day alone.


The forecast is calculated with linear regression based on data added to SalesScreen on the competition metric. The forecast function uses the average increase of your previous data points (AVGI), multiplied by the average result for the competition period (AVGR). When we add that to the value of the latest data point (ACR), we get the value for the next data point (NX) in the forecast.


Now you will have a chat to motivate each other and engage as a team during the competition. This section stands in the top right corner and has all the interactions you have experienced on the feed with GIFs, images, and emojis. You can also tag each other or @participants. They will get notified and will be able to interact inside this area.

Accounts with strict privacy rules

Some accounts want to limit what a user should be able to see of other participants' results. The following limitations affect those accounts only.

If you're not wondering which privacy settings your account is configured with, or if you want to enable this for your account, please get in touch with SalesScreen support.

The line chart

Only participants positioned within the competition's Show top X will show up with the nickname (or full name, if the nickname isn’t set). If you’re browsing results for users outside top x, it will show as Anonymous User.

Nemesis Widget

The Nemesis widget will be hidden for companies that have enabled Enhanced Privacy.


Users shown in this area that are outside Top X are completely anonymized

  • Picture is removed

  • The name is transformed into “Anonymous User”

  • The team name is removed


The results connected to Top Performer Highlights will be hidden. We still show the actual top performer with a nickname and image, even though the value is hidden.


When tagging users the Nickname will be presented to the tagging user. If no Nickname is set on the user you want to tag the full name will be used.

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