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Set up a separate coin budget to ensure individual admins are not overspending

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To ensure that companies have control over their admins spend on competition and endorsements, an account admin can assign them budgets. Currently the budgets are not tied to a time period and it is up to an account admin to decide at what interval and size they want to allocate budgets.

The budget can be edited in the Reward Shop under the tab "Coin Budget". There you can click the users which you want to allocate a budget to, you are able to give a budget to individual admins or give the same budget to several admins as shown below.

The budget admins also have the ability to request budget. These requests will show up in the same tab, and the account admin is able to simply approve or decline these requests.

Budget admins are able to choose if they want to use their budget or own coins for endorsements. (For competition prizes, they must use the budget.)

Budget admins are able to keep track of their spending by seeing what is left of their budget in the corner as well as have a quick view of how much they spent on endorsements and competitions. They are also able to go to the Reward Shop and see a detailed overview over their usage by clicking the tab "Budget".

The account admins do not have the possibility to request budget, but are able to give themselves a budget the same way they would give it to any other budget admin. They are also able to see each budget admins individual transactions and keep tabs on how much is spent on endorsements and competitions to make sure they are spending according to their need.

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