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Quick Create Competitions
Quick Create Competitions
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What is it?

Quickly create competitions directly from your dashboard by clicking on the cog wheel in the upper right-hand corner of select widgets and pressing "create competition." This will redirect you to the competition form that lets you create a competition based on that widget.

Pre-filled fields:

  • Competition name

  • Competition description

  • Function

  • Layout

  • Metric/activity type/dropdown options/measured in

Admins will still need to select participants and time periods.

Which widgets is it available for?

Quick create is available on the following widget types:

  • Value - Leaderboard. KPI and Time Series

  • Target - Leaderboard, KPI, and Time Series

  • Average - Leaderboard, KPI, and Time Series

Creating competitions from these widgets will take you to preconfigured Standard, Target, or Average per User competitions.

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