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SalesScreen Essentials: Dashboard
SalesScreen Essentials: Dashboard
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This article is created to help you understand the dashboards and the naming used.


PATS: Prospect added to sequence

Call Attempts: the total of inbound and outbound calls

Calls Answered: All call dispositions identifying an answered call

Emails Clicked: Amount of clicks on a delivered Email

Emails Delivered: amount of emails with state “Delivered”

Emails Replied: amount of emails with state “replied”

Emails Sent: amount of emails with state “Bounced” or “delivered”

Wins: Manual wins that you want to celebrate within SalesScreen (this does not come from Outreach).

Dashboard description:

There are 2 dashboards available; Company totals and My data.

Company totals: will show you the data off all users in your account, both as aggregated numbers and as leaderboards.

My Data: will show you your own personal data, all the data shown in this dashboard would be based on your own performance. If you are a manager that wants to see a single users data, you can press the more actions button and select view as a user.

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