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SalesScreen Essentials - Outreach data
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Our integration with Outreach is a read-only integration designed to provide valuable insights into your sales team’s performance without compromising the security of your prospect data.

The data we collect from Outreach is limited to non-sensitive information, such as numbers and performance metrics. We only have read-only access to Outreach, meaning we cannot make any changes or updates to your data.

Our access rights are mirroring the access of the user who authenticated the integration. You can terminate the integration whenever you want from the settings in SalesScreen.

We are retrieving the following data:

Call Dispositions: User, call disposition, direction of call, date of call, quantity, amount of connected calls

Email Clicks: User, Quantity of delivered emails, count of clicks

Email States: User, E-mail state, quantity of E-mails with state

Prospect Stages: Stage Prospect is connected to, the quantity of prospects within a stage

Sequences and Prospects: Prospects added to sequence, sequences finished with reply yes/no, number of prospects in sequence

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