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SalesScreen Essentials: Managing My Account
SalesScreen Essentials: Managing My Account

For both users and admins

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In the upper right corner of the top bar of SalesScreen, you will always see a small bell icon and a miniature version of your profile picture. These are your access points to view your notifications and to manage your account:

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View Your Notifications

While your notifications history is always available on the right hand side of your Home screen, you can click the Notification Bell to view your recent notifications from any area of SalesScreen, as well as a few simple controls:

Key Actions that can be taken in the Notifications pop-out:

  • Click the checkmark icon in the upper right corner to mark all notifications as read (Unread notifications are indicated by a red dot on the listing).

  • Click the speaker icon to toggle notification alert sounds on or off.

  • Click on a listing to go to the related page that the notification is reporting on. This is what counts as 'reading' a notification and will make the red dot disappear.

Manage Your Account

Clicking your profile picture in the right corner of the top bar will reveal a pop-out menu with several options for account management activities:

View my profile

This allows you to simply view your profile as it would appear to another user. Your profile contains basic info like your photo, name, nickname, and team, as well as a history of your Achievements and Endorsements received.

In the upper right corner of the screen, there is an 'Edit Profile' button which links to your Profile settings. Additionally, if you hover over the banner, you will reveal an option to 'Update banner image':

Profile settings

Profile Settings are divided into five tabs: Profile, Celebrations, Privacy, Security, Notifications.


On the profile tab, you can view your email (non-admins will not be able to change their own login email address), and view or edit your First Name, Last Name, Nickname, Birthday, Hire Date, Phone Number, and Language (only necessary if your preferred language differs from your company's default language).

If you make any adjustments to the text fields, "Save" and "Cancel" buttons will appear. You will need to "Save" before leaving in order to keep your changes.

You also have an option to change your profile picture here if you hover over it and then click the upload icon:


This tab is the same as what is accessed in the "My Celebrations" part of the account menu. See full documentation below!


This tab allows for various privacy settings within SalesScreen, including control of email notifications:

  • Hide From Feed - stops your activity from showing in the SalesScreen News Feed.

  • Hide From Screen - stops your activity from popping up on office screen playlists.

  • Enable Battle Mode - selects whether you can be challenged to Battles by other users.

  • Subscribe to reward suggestion emails - if you are a Reward or Company level admin, this will send you an email notification when someone suggests a reward for the Reward Shop.

  • Subscribe to reward request emails - if you are a Reward or Company level admin, this will send you an email notification when someone requests to purchase a reward from the Reward Shop. If your access is limited by team, you will only be notified of your team members' requests.

  • Subscribe to weekly Newsletter - if you are Company level admin, this will send you an automatically generated summary that lists numbers for the metrics in the account, some info about competitions that have been run in the past week, and achievements from the past week.

  • Subscribe to pending users email - if you are Company level admin with no Team access restrictions, this will send you an automatically generated summary that lists numbers for the metrics in the account, some info about competitions that have been run in the past week, and achievements from the past week.

  • Subscribe to achievement emails - sends you email notifications when you earn Achievement Badges.

  • Subscribe to endorsement emails - sends you email notifications when you receive an Endorsement.


This tab is the same as what is accessed in the "Security" part of the account menu. See full documentation below!


This section allows you to change how and whether you will receive alerts to your devices based on your notifications. Make sure to click "Save changes" in the upper right corner after making any adjustments!

  • Enable - Allows push notifications to be sent to you on the mobile app or on the browser when using the web app.

  • Business hours - Allows you to limit when you can receive these notifications. If switched on, a small form will appear allowing you to choose your active days of the week and hours:

  • Feed messages - Notifications based on messages posted to the Feed.

  • Feed comments - Notifications when someone comments on a post about you in the Feed.

  • Feed likes - Notifications when someone likes your activity in the Feed.

  • Achievements - Notifications about your Achievements.

  • Battles - Notifications about any Battles you have initiated or been challenged to / accepted.

  • Competitions - Notifications about Competitions you are involved in.

My celebrations

This page allows you to control how your various accomplishments are displayed and celebrated in the browser app and on office screens.

Web Celebrations

The first section applies exclusively to the small popup celebration videos that appear in the web browser. The controls here do NOT affect celebrations on the workplace screen displays.

You can toggle the Show celebration popup in browser and Mute celebration popup in browser switches to control whether your mini celebration will show up in the browser, and whether it should have sound.

My Celebrations

The second section controls what your celebration will actually look like. You can choose a favorite song or other video from YouTube, or choose from one of our provided backgrounds (to which you can also add a custom soundtrack). To look more closely at all of the media options you have uploaded, you can click the Show library button (more details on navigating the library page here):

To add a video

1.) Click the square with the plus sign under "My Videos".

2.) Fill in the details in the page that pops up:

You will need to include a Video title, YouTube link, Start time (in seconds), and choose whether you would prefer for the sound to be Unmuted or Muted.

NOTE: Adding a video does NOT mean it is selected as your celebration! It simply means it is now available to select from your library.

To select a video or background as your default celebration

Click on the desired video while the Type dropdown is set to "Standard":

To choose different celebrations for different accomplishments

1.) Switch the Type dropdown to the specific Activity Type you want to set a new celebration for-- items with no specific celebration yet will say "(not set)" and default to your Standard celebration:

2.) Click on the video or appearance you want to set for that Activity Type:

To clear your selections for a celebration

Make sure the Type dropdown is set to the selection you want to clear and click the Delete button next to it:

To add a soundtrack for a non-YouTube celebration

If you do not choose a YouTube video for your celebration but instead one of the preloaded slides provided under "Appearance", you have the option to add a custom soundtrack to the background.

1.) Click the plus icon in the Soundtracks section:

2.) This will take you to your Library. Click the Soundtracks tab and then the button Add a Soundtrack:

3.) Give a title for your soundtrack, select a sound file off of your computer using the Choose File button, and then click Add Soundtrack:

4.) The soundtrack will appear in your Celebrations library. Click on the Show my celebrations button:

5.) Your soundtrack should now be an option below Appearances. NOTE: If it is not, try refreshing your screen to make it appear.

6.) Click your new soundtrack option to make a checkmark appear on it:

The Celebrations Library

You can get a larger view of all the available content to use for your celebrations in the library by clicking the Show library button on the My Celebrations page:

You can navigate to different tabs on the left side bar to see all your Videos, Soundtracks, and Appearances:


The Security section contains four controls: Password, Two-Factor Authentication, External Login Providers, and Sessions.

Password - provides a popup form allowing you to change your password.

Two-Factor Authentication - enables two-factor authentication, which means you will be asked for an extra verification code when signing in. This code can be received by email or SMS. To receive codes through SMS you will need to confirm your phone number first. This can be done under your profile.

External Login Providers - enables Microsoft Authentication. You will need to enter the password for your SalesScreen account to authorize.

Sessions - signs you out from all other sessions that may still be open for your profile.

Add to desktop

This button installs SalesScreen as a Desktop App. It will still require internet connection to function and will appear more or less the same as it does in your browser, but will have its own separate window and access shortcut!

Log Out

Logs you out of your SalesScreen account.

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