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Add, edit, delete and complete Quality Controls

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Add new Quality Control

Press New Control in the top right corner to add a new Quality Control.

To create a new Quality Control you need a name and period, using proper naming conventions will help you out later. Click in the date input fields to edit the period.

Click Create Control at the bottom when you are finished.

Editing and deleting Quality Controls

If you click the pen symbol on one of the quality controls in the list you will enter a view with the following fields: 

Name and date: Corresponds to the fields you get when creating a control. You can update the values here.

Ready for Sales Leader: When you flip this switch you make the control ready for sales leaders. Every sales leader that has a seller in this control will get an email saying that a control is ready for review. They will have the opportunity to go through all deviations and either agree or disagree with the deviations before the specified deadline. 


  • By setting the switch to completed we deduct/assign points for the deviations with status = approved

  • If you make changes to the point penalties or add new deviations you just press update to adjust points based on the changes

  • The points deducted or acquired will reset if you turn the switch off and click update, be aware

The delete button will remove the Quality Control and all belonging deviation reports.

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