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Add Quality Control deviations
Add Quality Control deviations

Add users to Quality Control, add deviation reports, export and approve controls.

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  1. Add users to Quality Control

In the user list under the USERS tab you'll find all the employees in the company. Check the users you want to include by checking the items in the list to the right. 

Employees with employment percentage <= 80 % will be styled with italics.

The selected users' reports for the Quality Control's period automatically appear under the REPORTS tab. 

2. Add a deviation report

Go to the REPORTS tab and click an item in the list and register the deviation in the drop down and add a short comment explaining what was wrong if necessary.  You can also edit the amount of points to be added/deducted.

To track the reports that you have reviewed you can check them off to the very right in list. This way you know what reports are reviewed and which are not. 

3. Export the deviation reports to excel

When you have reviewed all the reports for the period you can go to the EXCEL tab and export the deviation reports to an excel sheet. 

4. Edit or update deviations

In the Deviations tab you can update and edit all deviations you have added. You can also see whether the sales leader has responded to the deviations or not. 

If you want to force through a deviation without an agreement from the sales leader, this can be done in the popup you get when clicking a deviation.

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