Required User Privileges: Company Admin / Screen Admin

How can I access my screens on SalesScreen?

The first step is to click on Manage at the bottom left corner of SalesScreen.

A menu will pop up, where you can proceed to click on Screens under the Company headline:

You will then be presented with the Screens management page:

What is a screen in SalesScreen?

Every (physical) TV-screen which is used to display real-time sales data, must be represented by a screen in SalesScreen. For example, your company has 3 offices:

  • AE

  • All teams1

  • All teams2

In this case, your screens overview in SalesScreen will look like this:

How do I connect my TV screen to a screen in SalesScreen?

This is very simple. All you need is:

  • a computer

  • an HDMI cable

  • a TV screen

Connect your computer to your TV screen using the HDMI cable. Your computer may run any of the major Operating Systems (Windows, Mac OSX and Chrome OS) so long it offers support for the Google Chrome web browser. Then all you have to do is run our SalesScreen TV Chrome app.

How is my content on screen organized?

Everything that has to do with content on screen is organized in three distinct levels: screens, playlists and slides.

  • A screen in SalesScreen can be configured to display one or several playlists. 

  • A playlist is basically a collection of slides and can be assigned to one or more screens. 

  • A slide is a set of data configured to be displayed in a certain fashion, and can be assigned to one or more playlists.

How should I proceed to add content to my screen?

The first step is to create one or several slides, that is a set of sales data that are visible at the same time on your TV-screens.
Once it is done, you need to create a playlist, that is a collection of slides that will be shown one after the other on your TV-screens.
The next step consists in adding a slide to your playlist. Your screen can be configured to display a set of playlists. So once created, you want to add your playlist to one of your screens

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