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How can I set default on-screen messages?
How can I set default on-screen messages?

Customize the on-screen message that will appear when a user adds a report on a product of a specific type.

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Required User Privileges: Company Admin

This guide will show how to customize the on-screen message for a whole product type.
Note that it is also possible to set a default on-screen message for a specific product.

The first step is to click on Manage at the bottom left corner of SalesScreen.

A menu will pop up, where you can proceed to click on Settings under the Misc headline:

Once in the Company Settings page, click on Sale Type Units:

Once in the Screen Messages management page, locate the type of report for which you'd like to customize the on-screen message and click on the corresponding Plus Icon:

In the Screen Message creation page, you can type the screen message of your choice in the text area. Above the text area you'll find a dropdown in the left side which lets you insert Variables. Variables will are placeholders which will be dynamically replaced with the correct data when showing for a specific report.
Do remember that in the case of products of type Offer or Sale, the Value is always shown after  your custom message. This explains why in the picture below, my screen message ends with "for a total value of". When you are done, click the Save button:

From now on, your custom screen message will be display whenever a report on this product is to be shown on screen:

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