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View A User's Coins History
View A User's Coins History

How to look at an individual team member's transactions of Reward Shop coins as an admin, or your own as a user.

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Sometimes, you might need to know exactly when and how a user received coins or spent coins. You can find this information in Rewards Shop > Earnings.

On the Earnings tab, you will see a quick summary of users' activity for the period, showing how many coins have gone in and out of their account, how many coins are being held in reserve for prize purchases or battle bets, and a current balance. Note: If you do not have Admin access, you will only see your own name here.

Click a name to see more details of their transaction history:

In the top filter menu, you can change the date period that the transaction history will look at. You can also filter the types of transactions you are looking for using the buttons or the dropdown.

The Earnings history will show how all Coins In were earned, and how all Coins Out were spent. It will also list a status for each transaction.

Potential Statuses:

  • Completed

  • Pending

  • Declined - for Rewards requests where the admin chose to deny the purchase for whatever reason

  • Cancelled - for Rewards requests where the user withdrew the purchase before it could be approved

  • Refunded - for Rewards requests that were initially approved but needed to be retroactively withdrawn for whatever reason

  • Aborted - A fairly rare status that indicates the transaction in question failed to complete.

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