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How to: Set up battles for my users as an Admin
How to: Set up battles for my users as an Admin
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We are making it possible for admins to set up Battles on behalf of users in their accounts. Read more to learn why we made this change and how you can take advantage of admin-created battles! Read the article to learn more about this update, or just get to the good stuff and learn how to create battles here!

Why the Change?

In all honesty, our Battles module has been a bit neglected in recent years. Low adoption rates made it challenging to justify pouring resources into its development. But we've heard your requests loud and clear. Many of you have expressed interest in having managers take the reins to create battles on behalf of their teams. And guess what? We're giving it a shot!

What's New?

With this update, managers can now create battles to fuel healthy competition among sales teams. This means you can foster a competitive spirit, driving up engagement and productivity across specific KPIs and metrics. Whether it's boosting the performance of middle and low performers or fostering camaraderie among remote workers, Battles is your go-to tool.

Release Goal: Improve Engagement

Our aim with this update is simple: to make engagement skyrocket! By empowering managers to create battles, we're creating opportunities for enhanced collaboration, motivation, and performance across the board.

Key Benefits for You:

  • Drive Competitive Engagement: Spark healthy competition and productivity by setting up battles.

  • Empower Middle and Low-Performers: Provide a platform for everyone to shine, boosting motivation and productivity.

  • Enhance Onboarding: Ramp up new users faster by leveraging battles during the onboarding process.

How does it work?

Go to Manage→ Battles → New Battle (Top right corner)

  1. Select the 2 opponents

  2. Select the metric that you want them to battle on

Will the opponents need to accept the battle before it starts?

No, it will automatically start according to the date/time set.

Why can't I find the user is looking for in the opponents dropdown?

As described in the message below the opponent selector, there are 2 reasons for this:

  1. The user has disabled battles on their profile. This means that they have fully opted out of this functionality in general and even as an admin you can't override this.

  2. The user already has 3 ongoing battles.

Will the battle be announced?

Yes, it will be announced as you would expect unless it's set to “Private.” Be aware that it will be announced when the battle starts - there is no draft option for battles like there is with competitions.

We're incredibly excited to see how this update transforms engagement within your teams. As always, we're here to support you every step of the way.

Let the battles begin! 🚀

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