Your soundtracks are personal audio files which are playing TV-screens when you have reported a sales activity. They accompany your moments of glory, so make them truly yours by uploading your own custom music. 

First, click on Profile from the dropdown menu in the top right corner:

Next, click on Edit Profile:

Once on your Profile management page, click on Soundtracks:

Then on Add Soundtracks

You will be presented with 3 fields:

  • Title
  • Sale Type
  • Soundtrack 

The Sales type lets you decide for what type of reports this soundtrack will be selected: Sales, Offers, Meetings, Activities or All. 

For example, in the picture below, My Song will play whenever I report a Sale.

When you have filled all the fields, click Add Soundtrack to select a song and complete the creation of your soundtrack:

When you are done uploading your song, we recommend that you test the compatibility of your soundtrack. To do that, open that page in Google Chrome and click on the microphone icon next your song. 

If you hear your soundtrack playing, you are set to go. If not, we recommend to click the trash icon and create a new soundtrack with a different sound file:

Where can I find MP3 files?

Here is a list of useful websites where you can find MP3 files to be used as sales celebration soundtracks.


Audio Tools

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