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How do I manage my celebrations?
How do I manage my celebrations?

Upload a sale celebration soundtrack so your own tune will playback on TV-screens when you add a report to SalesScreen

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Your celebrations are your personal video files which are playing on the TV-screens when you have reported an activity that should be celebrated. They accompany your moments of glory, so make them truly yours by uploading your own custom music/video. 

First, click on Profile settings from the dropdown menu in the top right corner:

Next, click on Celebrations

Once on you celebration management page, click on the plus sign to add a link:

From here, you can copy+paste the link to a YouTube video. Paste the link in "YouTube link"- section.
Name the video whatever you like in the "Video title" section.

You can set a desired start time in the "Start time (in seconds)" section, so that your celebration will start at a specific part of the video.

Lastly, you have the opportunity to mute/unmute your video.

Click on "Save" and you are all set.

Note: If you are using a "YouTube Short" for your celebration, you will need to do a little reformatting of the URL to make it work.

Simply to take the YouTube Short URL and copy the part after /shorts/ and before ?feature, into the ?v= in the normal URL.

Here is a short:
Here is the same short in the normal youtube view:

The second URL can be used in SalesScreen.

Additionally, if you find the frame of the celebration popup is visible but the youtube video will not play, it can sometimes be because the video was removed, or the network has blocked YouTube. In the former case, a new YouTube celebration must be selected. In the latter, your office's IT team must allow YouTube, or your team must only use SalesScreen-generated celebrations.

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